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The Power of Breath Workshops

Author and Breath Master, Laurie Ellis-Young and BreathLogic's Team

 offer three in-person workshops in November!

The Power of Breath Workshop half day.png
Half-Day Workshop is $125 plus processing & services fees

The half-day workshop is ideal for 

anyone who is curious about 

the hidden power of their breath.

Two dates and locations to choose from:

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

8:45 am- 12:45 pm

Ukrainian American Community Center


Saturday, November 11, 2023

8:45 am - 12:45 pm

Shady Oak Room 

Minnetonka Community Center

The Power of Breath Workshop full day.png
Full-Day Workshop is $199 plus processing & services fees

The full-day workshop is for 

participants who are serious about integrating

a new way of breathing and being.

Saturday, November 11, 2023 

8:45 am - 5:15 pm

Shady Oak Room

Minnetonka Community Center

To pay by check, to make changes to your bookings or if you have questions, please contact

“In theory, breathing is a Science and in practice breathing is an Art”

About The Power of Breath Workshops

Half Day – Foundational knowledge and practices
Full Day – Deepening of the morning with additional practices

The half-day, in-person workshop will focus on foundational knowledge and practices beginning with presence in our bodies. This includes: 

A. Understanding the Art of Breath
B. Enjoyment / No judgment / Heighten awareness
C. Develop abilities for EASILY strengthening and lengthening our breath

The full-day workshop builds upon the foundational knowledge and practices learned in the morning and provides additional practices, covering the mechanics of optimal breathing. This includes:

A. Understanding the Science of Breath: The Brain & the Breath / Stress / Oxygen / Peak Performance
B. The Why / When / How
C. Attaining mastery of our Life-Force

In each half-day workshop you will learn how to follow our breath and sense the movements of our breath without changing them in any way. We will apply many different practices that aid us in being more fully present in our bodies, releasing tensions and allowing for fuller, more natural breathing.

You may think this is unnecessary and even a waste of time. However, when we learn to consciously
breathe, feeling the movement of the breath and following the flow of the inhalations and the exhalations . . .

• our mind becomes still and calm
• our breath naturally lengthens
• our nervous system changes
• our immune system is enhanced
• our physical heart is strengthened
• our blood pressure stabilizes
• we connect to our compassionate heart
• our energy body/flow becomes more activated
• our prana/life-force is distributed more fully
• our emotional body clears
• we become more centered and balanced
• we become more in tune with the cycles of life itself


In the full-day workshop you will also begin to learn techniques like Diaphragmatic/Belly, Complete Breath, Circular
Breath and Alternate Nostril breathwork that will aid in:
• Increasing energy & vitality
• Rejuvenation and relaxation
• Stress reduction and stress management
• Heightened focus, memory and cognitive abilities
• Strengthening the immune system
• Optimal physcial, mental ; emotional well-being
• Remaining calm, centered and serene in any circumstances
• Reducing tendencies to become irritated and provoked
• Minimizing sick time & increasing productivity

Then you will explore how these techniques can be incorporated into your daily lives in possible routines and also as separate tools to be used in specific circumstances.

A Summary of the Materials We Will Cover

1. Breath Literacy -The wisdom and the knowledge of how to breathe optimally, moment by moment, breath by
breath, and in circumstances all throughout life.

  • Understanding the importance of breath in our daily lives

  • Exploring the connection between breath, mind, and body

  • Introducing different breathwork techniques and their benefits

2. The Science of Breath

  • Explaining the physiological aspects of breathing

  • Understanding the role of the respiratory system

  • Discussing the impact of breath on the nervous system and stress response

3. Breath Awareness and Mindfulness

  • Cultivating present-moment awareness through breath

  • Practicing mindful breathing techniques

  • Using breath as a tool for stress reduction and relaxation

4. Breath Literacy Techniques for Energy and Vitality

  • Exploring breathwork practices to increase energy levels

  • Learning techniques for improving focus and mental clarity

  • Using breath to enhance physical performance and endurance

5. Breath Literacy for Emotional Well-being

  • Understanding the connection between breath and emotions

  • Exploring breathwork practices for emotional release and balance

  • Using breath to cultivate positive emotions and resilience

6. Breath Literacy for Healing and Transformation

  • Exploring breathwork as a tool for healing trauma and emotional wounds

  • Learning techniques for releasing tension and promoting physical healing

  • Using breath to support personal growth and transformation

7. Integrating Breath Literacy into Daily Life

  • Creating a breathwork routine for daily practice

  • Incorporating breathwork into other areas of life, such as exercise and meditation

  • Developing strategies for maintaining a consistent breathwork practice

You will leave the workshop with tools
that can transform your life and with daily routines

that can fit into any schedule.

About Laurie Ellis-Young

Laurie Ellis Young MTC SYT (MTC- Masters in Therapeutic Counseling with an emphasis on breathwork and SYT- Senior Yoga Teacher with UK Yoga Alliance, 1000) is the founder of Breathe the Change LLC and co-founder of non-profit BreathLogic.


An author, adventurer, "imagineer," life-long student, speaker, presenter, SHIFT peace ambassador, globe-trotter and rainforest-preservation activist, Laurie's passion is sharing with the world: “The Extraordinary Power in Our Ordinary Breath.”


Her work with diverse populations on 6 continents convinced Laurie that changing our breath changes our lives. She is author of the five-time award-winning book: Breath is Life. Taking In and Letting Go: How To Live Well, Love Well, Be Well.


Laurie's personal background in breathwork is eclectic and cross-cultural, including both the Eastern science of breath and Western neuroscience.

What Others Have Said About Laurie's Workshops

"Laurie's teaching is a mix of book knowledge, her teachers, and her life experiences. It is the latter that makes her a powerful teacher and where her teachings come alive.  -  Marcelle Dawe, Yoga Teacher

"I really enjoyed the workshop and am greatly impressed by the knowledge and caring manner that Laurie has."  -  Heather, Tai Chi Teacher

"Thank you so much for the breath work class! I can’t believe what a difference it has made in lessening my pain and helping me to sleep better! Plus I started using my neti pot again just in time. I was just starting to get congested from allergies - and it went away!" -  Jill Nicholson, Fund Raiser

"Learning these techniques has made an incredible difference in my life. It is truly life-changing when I apply what I learned. I highly recommend this work to everyone." - Janie Whelden, Business Woman

"While I only planned to attend the morning workshop, I was so inspired with her teachings that I stayed for the full day. It was the second half of the workshop that totally blew the top off for me. It was through her fun-loving and open-hearted approach to the breath work and an outdoor nature meditation walk that she opened me into the consciousness from which she was teaching." - Power of Breath workshop attendee 


"I have been in the healthcare field for decades and appreciate the incredible scope of her
knowledge and teachings.” – Power of Breath workshop attendee

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