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meet the authors

Laurie and George have lived and worked throughout Latin America, the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, experiencing how vital knowledge of breath can transform and empower individuals, groups, organizations and systems.

As a way of honoring “trees are the lungs of the planet,” for over twenty years the authors developed a reforestation project on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Laurie Ellis-Young, MTC, SYT

Laurie EllisYoung MTC, SYT, is an internationally recognized speaker, author, Senior Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance U.K.), MBSR instructor, (SHIFT) peace ambassador, and a pioneer in teaching optimal breathing.

During her early career in the stressful airline industry, Laurie vacationed by leading many adventurefilled treks in the Himalayas and Andes. With limited oxygen, and the highest mountains in the world as her teachers she discovered the power of breath for “peak” performance, physically and psychologically. She has led groups to over twenty countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, Cambodia, France, Spain, and Italy.

Laurie’s passion for breath intensified as she sought out various teachers and developed her own personal practice. Desiring to share this knowledge in everyway possible, she founded Breathe the Change LLC and cofounded the nonprofit BreathLogic.


Laurie has a mission of sharing the extraordinary power in our ordinary breath with the world.  She has practiced and studied breathwork, yoga, peace-building, mind/body therapies and wellness techniques from both ancient and contemporary traditions for over 45 years.  Laurie is passionate about the potential in our breath for promoting brain function, stress resiliency and enhanced health & well-being. 


As founding director of Breathe The Change LLC and co-founder of the non-profit BreathLogic, she is a pioneer in implementing the competencies of ‘Breath Literacy’ in centers of medicine, healthcare, education, corporations and humanitarian organizations.  


A yoga teacher, MBSR instructor, SHIFT Peace Ambassador, author and presenter, Laurie has worked with diverse populations on five continents. 

George T. Ellis, PsyD

George T. Ellis PsyD, LP, is a Licensed clinical psychologist with 40+ years of experience in conflict resolution, stress management, trauma, crosscultural psychotherapy, neuropsychology, and MBSR training.

George has been founding director of numerous programs within global organizations and NGO’s including the UN, USAID, and OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). He has practiced as a psychologist and consulted nationally, internationally, privately, in innovative schools, active conflict zones, telehealth and the US prison system.

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