meet the authors

Laurie and George met in Guatemala. With mutual aspirations to help make the world a more positive, peaceful place, they have lived, worked, and traveled throughout Latin America, the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Laurie came to “breath” through yoga and personal experiences while George came via research, science and the realization that this vital knowledge can change individuals, groups, organizations, and systems. They reside in Arkansas and enjoy frequently visiting their small reforestation project on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  

Laurie Ellis-Young, MTC, SYT

Laurie Ellis-Young  is jump-up-and-down, head-over-heels passionate that in our ordinary breath, we have access to extraordinary power. In her new book, Breath is Life, Laurie shares this knowledge and simple techniques to change your life.


As a teenager practicing yoga in the early 1970's, Laurie first became aware of the importance of breath. This interest led her to many teachers, yogic disciplines and breathing practices such as: Pranayama, Qigong, Tai Chi and flute-playing. In the 1980s she began trekking in the high Himalayan & Andes mountains; later leading groups.


  • The mountains taught her the necessity of oxygen for energy and clear thinking.  Imagine how students in schools and universities would benefit!

  • Overcoming fears of public speaking and deep water scuba diving impressed upon her the reliability of breathing practices for empowerment and relaxation. Imagine if everyone knew how to use these techniques when discouraged or stressed!

  • Over fifty years of studies, personal practices and experiences working with diverse populations on five continents convince her breath practices transform people's lives.  Imagine what "Breath Literacy" would do for everyone who breathes!

A yoga teacher, mindfulness (MBSR) instructor, SHIFT Peace Ambassador, author and presenter, Laurie feels our breath is the key to cultivating the inner peace that leads to outer peace. 

Laurie has a mission of sharing the extraordinary power in our ordinary breath with the world.  She has practiced and studied breathwork, yoga, peace-building, mind/body therapies and wellness techniques from both ancient and contemporary traditions for over 45 years.  Laurie is passionate about the potential in our breath for promoting brain function, stress resiliency and enhanced health & well-being. 


As founding director of Breathe The Change LLC and co-founder of the non-profit BreathLogic, she is a pioneer in implementing the competencies of ‘Breath Literacy’ in centers of medicine, healthcare, education, corporations and humanitarian organizations.  


A yoga teacher, MBSR instructor, SHIFT Peace Ambassador, author and presenter, Laurie has worked with diverse populations on five continents. 

George T. Ellis, Psy.D.

George T. Ellis PsyD, LP, is a licensed clinical psychologist, specialist in conflict resolution and trauma, diplomate in school neuropsychology, MBSR trainer and founding director of numerous programs for NGOs, the UN and innovative schools.


George is passionate about creating positive organizational culture.  He is a former senior psychologist/ stress management advisor for OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) developing and implementing programming to address chronic/in Ukraine. 

George currently consults throughout Europe and the Middle East as a trauma and developmental expert utilizing  training, meta-cognitive, mindfulness, and breathing strategies.