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self-care during unsettled times
self-care during unsettled times
(for heightened well-being and a healthier, more productive 2021)


—The health & productivity of an organization is directly related to the health of its members—

Self-care sessions will offer you the opportunity to learn and implement a treasure chest of time-honored tools which are:

  • Efficient – Implemented anytime, anywhere

  • Effective - Evidence-based

  • Excellent – Immediate results

  • Easy – Simple yet powerful

  • Economical – Once you learn them – they are yours for life

Offered by George T. Ellis PsyD, LP and Laurie Ellis-Young MTC, SYT

Our sessions are custom tailored to meet your individual and organizational needs. We invite you to contact us for a conversation on how we can assist you in becoming more stress resilient and empowered as individuals and an organization.

You may contact us at:


Having lived and worked with diverse populations on five continents, together, the facilitators comprise a dynamic duo for creating and sustaining the physical and psychological well-being of individuals and organizations. As a clinical psychologist, diplomate in school neuro-psychology, certified MBSR trainer, and a specialist in conflict resolution and trauma, Dr. Ellis has served in private practice, as founding director of numerous treatment programs, as school psychologist in innovative schools, and as a trainer and community/program developer for numerous NGOs, the UN, and OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe).

An MBSR instructor and senior yoga teacher with UK, Yoga Alliance, Laurie has been practicing yoga and sharing well-being techniques with individuals and organizations for over 40 years. As founding director of Breathe the Change LLC, and cofounder of the nonprofit, BreathLogic, she has been a pioneer in bringing Breath Literacy into schools, universities, humanitarian organizations, businesses, corporations and centers of wellness and medicine.

Individually and together, Laurie and George have witnessed how the vital knowledge and practices they share can change individuals, groups, organizations, and systems. They are authors of the book and programs: Breath is Life (Great Treasure Lies Within).


Depending on specific needs, desired benefits, and time allotment, our offerings can be delivered in hours, days, a weekend, or for sustainability, an extended period of time.


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