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"Breath Is Life is a script for creating a life that is healthy, peaceful, joyful and fun." - Dr. Verna Price

Breath Is Life Book Wins Awards!

Laurie Ellis-Young and George T. Ellis, PsyD, receive Silver Awards in two categories for their book, Breath Is Life, at the 35th Annual 2023 Independent Book Publishers Association conference in San Diego, CA, on May 5th.


Health & Fitness


Bill Fisher Award for

Best First Book: Nonfiction

Breath Is Life Book

Breath Is Life has been translated into Spanish and is now available on Amazon for shipping around the globe!


Supporting Ukrainian Psychologists 

Laurie and her husband, George T. Ellis, PsyD lived in Kiev for over four years before the start of the war in February 2022.


Since the war started, they've been providing frequent Zoom calls for Ukrainian psychologists, teaching coping skills and breathing techniques to help the psychologists and their clients deal with the traumas and atrocities of war.


Laurie and Dr. George provided in-person Professional Development Training in Cyprus for the psychologists last September.  

Their work continues and fundraising is ongoing to provide additional Professional Development Training. Please consider making a donation.

Psychologists learn yoga/breathing
techniques at Professional Development
Training in Cyprus

Are you ready to unlock the power of your breath to live well, love well and BE well?

breath is life

  • Increase your energy
  • Sleep soundly
  • Make better decisions
  • ​Strengthen your immune system
  • Become stress-resilient
  • Create inner & outer peace

Laurie's Passion Project

Changing the world through the power of breath
by teaching people how to breathe better and together

Nancy Chakrin and Laurie Ellis-Young are co-founders of BreathLogic,
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to Breath Literacy and world peace.

Help us celebrate 10 years!
Donate $10 to help support in-person
Professional Development Training for Ukrainian psychologists in Europe.

Your donation is tax deductible.


Learn more about BreathLogic's social causes:
rainforest preservation & reforestation

"The quality of your breath directly impacts the quality of your life.

Change your breath; change your life."   

                                                                    Laurie Ellis-Young

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